The aim of “VEDIC RESEARCH CENTER” is to work in the field of different knowledge systems of India, to reveal the essence of wisdom enshrined in the Vedas and to propagate it for the benefit of mankind. The different streams of knowledge like scientific heritage of India, history, philosophy, religious studies, mythology, psychology and cultural studies are enshrined in Vedas, which are to be identified and developed. All these are to be addressed by detailed research, investigation and evaluation. This is the key factor that kindled the idea of setting up a Center of Vedic Science at SMS Lucknow.

Various researches have been conducted under the aegis of Vedic Science Centre:
1. It has been found by Prof. B.R.Singh and the students of B.Tech that one of the doha written in Hanuman Chalisa “जुग सहस्त्र जोजन पर भानू, लिल्यो ताहि मधुर फल जानू” tells the exact distance between sun and earth . "Yuga" means 4 yuga i.e. Satyug (4800 years), Tretayug (3600 years), Dwaparyug (2400 years) & Kalyuga (1200 Years). Sahastra means 1000 years and Yojana means 8 miles (1 mile= 1.6 km). And the multiplication of all these comes out to be exact proven distance between sun and earth i.e. 153600000.

2. Another research throws light on “Importance of count 108 while making mala” and it concludes that 108 is a cosmic number and it has been proven scientifically.

3. Inno-vedic Engineering has been found in order to make students more interesting towards technical studies and there are many technologies in our Vedas and Puranas which can help us to understand technology. Only effort required to decode those.

4. The discovery of aircraft in Afganistan has link with Mahabharat Period and research proved that same aircraft has been used 5000 years ago during war. NASA has transported that aircraft to USA for further research. These discoveries has been discussed by Dr. B.R.Singh during meeting of Vedic Vigyan Centre.

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